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The Chairperson and the Member Secretary in discussion during Quarterly Police Meetings


On February 3, 2021, a Quarterly Police Meeting was organized by the  WBCW. 


Publishing of Amaar Odhikaar Amaar Ain on International Women's Day, 2018


The WBCW has been working tirelessly ever since the formation of the present Commission, and in the past year and a half itself has helped numerous women get help, counselling and relief from the torture or injustice that they were being subjected to. 

The WBCW has the PLCC, which does the pre-litigation counselling, for the women in distress. It acts as an umbrella for the oppressed and harassed women. The WBCW also arranges the PMLA (Parivarik Mahila Lok Adalat), with SLSA, to help the women in distress where she can save money and time, while getting a reprieve from legal imbroglios.

Cases that come under the purview of the Womens’ Commission

  1. Acid Attack
  2. Cyber Crime
  3. Divorce and Maintenance
  4. Dowry Deaths
  5. Dowry Torture
  6. Family Disputes
  7. Harassment at Workplace
  8. Harassment and Security
  9. Illicit Relationships
  10. Kidnapping/ Missing
  11. Murder/ Unnatural Death of a Woman
  12. Physical and Mental Torture
  13. Property Dispute
  14. Domestic Violence
  15. Rape and Molestation
  16. Senior Citizens
  17. Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  18. Harassment in the name of Witch Craft 

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